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Engineering Department


The Civil Engineering is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all civil engineering assets, viz all buildings including station buildings, residential quarter, hospital, sheds, workshop structures, goods sheds etc., water supply and sanitary installations, Railway tracks, sidings and all allied structures, Bridges including Road over bridges and Road under bridges.

 The maintenance wing (Open Line) of Civil Engineering organization is headed by the Principal Chief Engineer. The Principal Chief Engineer is assisted by Chief Engineers in the Headquarters. The Chief Engineers are assisted by Deputy Chief Engineers, Executive Engineers and Assistant Executive Engineers.




           Seminar on Winter Precautions
  PCE’s Awards 2013-14




(Available on TMS application through


Letter No.



 W-34/3/XI/2015 06/05/2015  Alphabetically updated list of firms with whom Railway Board issued orders for banning of business.
 167-W/25/PCE/2/2015 31/03/2015 Information Brief during Trailling Window Inspection.
 219-E/W/58/BWP-MUT/TP 31/03/2015 Excellence in Track Maintenance Practices
NRHQ Plan No. HQ/13/12-2014 14/01/2015 Guidance plan for displaying year of construction on all buildings & structures.
NRHQ Plan No. HQ/14/12-2014 14/01/2015  Guidance plan for numbering of drinking water booths & taps on platforms.
NRHQ Plan No. HQ/15/12-2014 14/01/2015  Guidance plan for displaying date of white wash & painting on all buildings & structures. 
NRHQ Plan No. HQ/02/01-2015  14/01/2015  Type plan displaying information on duty bunk of level crossing gate.
219-W/1/Maint/2014-15 24/10/2014 Inspection Schedule
319-W/44/Pt-XV 26/09/2014 Winter Precautions and Cold Weather Patrolling
W-1/6/Pt.VII/Engg 11/09/2014 Duties of Sr.DEN (Co-ord)
229-W/313/PCDO 20/08/2014 Maintenance of Assets: Vacancies and outsourcing thereof.
260-W/969/GAD Progress/Br.(S&D) 01/07/2014 Construction of ROB's/RUB's by NHAI - Clearance/approval by Railways
7-W/0/Consultants/13-14/WA 06/06/2014 Approved consultants over NR for survey construction & maintenance management of Railway siding.
DOE/Uploading/2014 25/04/2014List of type plans of Northern Railway
197-W/0/IX/Land-Pt-VI 07/03/2014 Way Leave Facility draft agreement
196-S/2-3/WS/Quality of Water 21/01/2014SSE(W)/Water Supply for stations with large water supply system
219-W/1/Maint/TP/2013-14 02/01/2014Lubrication of Rail Screws and Plate Screws
63-W/0/Policy/ptX/Court Case/WA 11/12/2013Check Points for Examintion of Bank Guarantee
219-W/1/Maintenance/TP/2013-14 26/12/2013Launching a drive for inspection of Special Layouts
835-W/2/Steel channel sleeper/Pt.II/TP 06/11/2013Correction of alignment and track parameters on Girder Bridges
835-W/1/TP/12-13 01/11/2013Introduction of OFF Track Tampers in tender schedule for track works
219-W/1/maintenance/TP/Pt.II/monsoon 26/08/2013Vulnerable Points/Locations
835-W/Reconditionong of CMS Xing/TP  20/08/2013 Precautions for reconditioning
219-W/1/maintenance/TP/2013-14 19/08/2013Equipments of Keymen
E-97/W/G/Posting Corresp/Vol.IX 11/07/2013  ‘RESUME’ of Officers
219-W/1/maint/TP/Pt.II/Monsoon 02/07/2013Gang Patrolling during abnormal Rain fall or Storm
198-W/e-Gov./TMS/NR-Implmnt 30/09/2013Implementation of Track Management System (TMS)- Stoppage of Paper records/registers
319-W/44/Pt.-XV 18/09/2013Winter Precautions and Cold Weather Patrolling
Issued in 1987 July-1987Draft Manual of Instructions for Railway Affecting Works
219-W/1/maintenance/TP/Pt.II/Monsoon 26/08/2013Vulnerable Points/Location
33-W/O/Genl. Corres./W.Br.Pt-I 16/08/2013Maintenance of Bridge Register for Important, Major, Minor bridges, ROB and Tunnel & Cutting registers
1-W/MTS/HQ/Misc/X 25/07/2013Manning of HQ Emergency Control (Engg. Cell) in Baroda House, New Delhi
DOB/Misc./2013 11/07/2013Guidelines for Inspection of PSC and RCC (Rail and Road Bridges) Superstructure
42-W/69/Land 20/06/2013Tree Plantation
219-W/1/Maint/TP/13-14 09/05/2013Joint Inspection of P & C with S & T
Water Quality-Presentation May,June/2013Action Plan for Implementing Water Supply on N.Rly from Sourcing to Treatment, Distribution, and Monitoring of Quality
OS-G/Misc./2013 28/03/2013Colour of ink to be used for notings on files/forms and for sending communication
302/Flood/Preparatory arrangements/201211/09/2012 Indentification and planning of improvement of vulnerable lacations detected during current of earlier mansoons
HQ/11/10-2012 28/08/2012Type plan of PCC Speed Breaker & Rumble strip blocks at Level Crossings for Heavy & Light Vehicles
1-W/O/Safety Instructions/Pt.III 28/08/2012Compendium on safety instructions
CE/Library/Book Section  09/05/2012Engineering & IPWE (I) Library in N.Rly. HQ Office (with list of books)
198-W/e-Gov./TMS/Misc 18/04/2012Photographs of Heritage Structures made with Rails
198-W/e-Gov./TMS/NR-Implmnt 13/04/2012Track Management System Implementation-List of various officials
219-W/24/0/TP/Pt-IV 04/04/2013Prevention of corrosion of Rails 
198-W/e-Gov./TMS/Misc 20/01/2012Heritage Structure made by Rail sections
219-W/1/XII/Circular/Pt.II/Genl. 26/09/2011Schedule of Inspection by Sr. DEN/C on NR
43-W/1487/Works  13/09/2011Damage to the Telecom RE cable by contractor of Engineering Department
103-G/20/Rest house/policy 28/02/2011Revision of charges for occupation of officer's Rest house over N. Rly
Issued in 2007 Compendium of Instructions on Arbitration


 Date Order No. Name of Officer Old Posting New Posting
 14/05/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA D.S. Meena DEN/IV/UMB Sr.DEN/III/UMB
 14/05/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA Hussain Khan SEN/Const/USBRL Dy.CE/Const/USBRL
 12/05/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA Sanjeev Kumar Lohia CE/TMC Addl Charge of CE/P&D
 29/04/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA Sudhir Singh SG/IRSE Dy CE/LKO1
 27/04/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA Ram Singh AEN/Const/UMB AEN/RE/UMB
 27/04/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA  Sukhvir Singh AEN/Const/GZB ADEN/1/LKO
 27/04/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA P.M. Srivastava ADEN/1/LKO AEN/P&D/HQ
 27/04/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA Kulbir Singh XEN/Flood/HQ DEN/W/JUDW
 17/04/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA P.K. Gupta SR.DEN/II/MB Sr.DEN/C/UMB
 17/04/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA R.R. Raju Sr.DEN/II/UMB DY CE/Const/K. Gate
 17/04/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA R.K. Kalra Sr.DEN/I/FZR Dy CE/Const/CDG
 17/04/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA S.P.S. Batra DEN/III/MB DEN/I/FZR
 17/04/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA S.K. Mishra Secy to GM & Dy GM  Will Continue to work as Secy to GM & Dy GM
 17/04/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA Manish Kumar Sharma SEN/W/LKO Sr.SEN/W/LKO
 17/04/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA Rishi Pal Singh Sr.DEN/III/UMB Sr.DEN/II/MB
 25/03/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA Ankur Sharma ADEN/JNU ADEN/HPU
 25/03/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA Virender Kumar ADEN/HPU ADEN/HQ/MB
 25/03/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA Suneel Kumar Singh AEN/Const/MB ADEN/JNU
 11/03/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA Rajiv Rajvanshi HAG(NonFunctinal)/ IRSE CE/G/NR
 11/03/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA Rajesh AggarwalCE/G/NR CE/C/NC/K. Gate
 11/03/15 940E/14/Pt.63/EIA S.C. Jain CE/C/NC/K. Gate CE/C/East/K. Gate

Heritage Rail Structures


Since starting of Indian Railways, various types of Rail (DH, BH & FF etc.) have been used to make various structures like platform shelters, goods sheds, overhead tank

stagings, bridges etc.

Numbers of these structures are very beautiful and architectural delight. But over the years these structures have been modified or dismantled. To preserve this historical aspect of Railways, photographs from across this Railway are being collected and preserved. Some of these are uploaded here for information of current & future generations. All the divisions should collect photographs and details so that this collection is enriched.


Ambala Division 

Delhi Division

Firozpur Division

Lucknow Division 

Moradabad Division 

Patiala Platform Shelter

Saharanpur Platform

Sharanpur FOB

Kalka PF Shelter

B.K. Sharma
Delhi Cantt. PF Shelter   
    Palam PF Shelter     

Joginder Nagar




Muktsar PF


Rakesh Kumar

Varanasi FOB
Structure etc. 

Vijeta Singh
Jalalgang PF Shelter

Baliakhri PF Shelter

Bareilly PF Shelter

Chandausi PF Shelter

Chandausi Goods Shed



Source : Northern Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 15-05-2015  

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