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  • Management of cleaning, cooking, gardening, security, supply of LPG & material and other housekeeping works at AMG & JNU running room with implementation of subsidized meal system for two years from 02.06.2016 & 10.9.2016 respectively.
  • CCTV cameras provided in all combined crew & Guard lobbies with streaming facility in Divisional Power control to monitor the sign ON/OFF process of crew & Guard so as to ensure that right crew signs ON for train working.
  • ‘Loco Pilot Darpan” – a bi-monthly magazine highlighting the good work done by loco pilots with respect to safety and troubleshooting published to disseminate the information to all Loco Pilots.
  • All Loco Pilots working with overdue refresher courses sent for training to upgrade and update their knowledge regarding Loco working and safety, thus making the refresher overdue figure NIL.
  • Vacancy of 15 CLIs has been filled.
  • 349 ALPs has been received in the division against an indent of 104 & 304 ALPs at HQ office since 30.8.12 & 22.8.14.
  • All seven crew lobbies of division which are under control of Mechanical ‘O&F’ have been certified with ISO: 9001-2008.
  • Construction of new modern running room at BSB has been started.
  • Construction of 6 new rooms at SHG running room is under process.
  • Construction of new running room at JNU has been sanctioned vide Pink book-2016-17.

Source : Northern Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 05-10-2016