LEAVE RULES        JANUARY 3, 2011


Kinds of Leave



Leave on Average Pay (LAP)

30 days in a year,  credited in advance 1st jan & July.

Maximum 300 days. As per 6th PC, 10 days each can be encashed in every alternate year, ( max 6 times) provided there is balance 10 days is left.

Leave on Half Average Pay (LHAP)

20 days in a year,  credited in advance 1st jan

No restriction for maximum. It can be commuted to LAP by surrendering 2 times the LAP.

Leave not due

360 days maximum in one’s carrier.

Advance granted to permanent employee

Casual Leave

8 days from 1-1-1998

Those who are enjoying gazetted holidays

10 days

Those who are not enjoying gazetted holidays

4 additional CL shall be granted to persons with disability ( Equal opportunities, protection of rights and full participation0 Act 1995. (RBE 201/2008)

SPECIAL CASUAL LEAVE    for family welfare operation( can be combined with Casual Leave or other kind of Leave )


Vasectomy operationTubectomy operation of wife

1sttime   6 days2ndtime   6 days7 days


Tubectomy operationInsertion of IUCDAfter Medical Termination Pregnancy undergoing Salpingetomy operation

1sttime   14 days2ndtime   14 days1 day14 days

Both Males and Females for post operation complicationdoFor Recanalisation

Period of hospitilationNot to fit to work21 days of hospitalization

7 days for males and 14 days for femalesand  journey time.


Group C & D (excluding supervisors

In lieu of working Sunday / Holidays

Must be availed within 30 days ofworking.Those who are not entitled for CRs are eligible for conveyance charges.

Maternity Leave

For confinement

180 days

1) In case of Still born child,   (2) Having less than two surviving children

For miscarriage / abortion

45 days

During entire service

Maternity Leave  may be combined with any other kind of leave including leave not due, up to a maximum of 2 years in continuation, if applied, without medical certificate. ( RBE 158/2008)

RBE 250/1999 [ RBE No. E(P&A) I-98/CPC/LE-4pt dated 05-10-1999 ]

Sub: Grant of Maternity Leave.

Admissibility of Grant of Maternity Leave in case of Still Born and Female employee who has married a widower with children from his former wife:

Was considered carefully and it is clarified that the  Maternity Leave would be admissible in both cases, provided that the female employee has less than two surviving children at the time of child birth.

Child Care Leave : Women employees having minor children may be granted child care leave for 2 years during the entire service.

Paternity leave : a male employee including an apprentice with less than 2 surviving children are eligible for 15 days Paternity leave. Can be availed 15 days in advance or within 6 months of delivery. ( RBE 154/97, 249/99)


An adoptive mother with less than 2 surviving children

135 days for child upto one year of age.

Can be combined with any other kind of leave.


D&C staff

for illness or injury directly due to risk incurred in course of official duties.

First 120 days full pay, remaining half pay and total period doesnot exceed 28 months.


Employee who has been injured by an injury caused intentionally by someone or arisen due to performance of his duties.

Upto 24 months, one or more spell. Non debitable.


When no other leave is due, or he applies for it. No leave salary is paid. Can be combined with other leave.

Maximum 5 years at a stretch for regular staff and 3 months for temp. staff.Period spent on Extra Ordinary Leave not for the purpose of study leave shall not be counted as qualifying service for pensionary benefits. ( RBE 33/2011 dt.10-03-2011)


For higher studies in subject having direct bearing on one’s sphere of duties. Refund the cost incurred by govt if quits within 3 years.

Upto 12 months at a time and 24 months in entire carrier.The period spent on study leave shall be counted for earning both LAP & LHAP. (RBE 1/2011 dated 04-01-2011)


Question Bank – Leave Rule


1. How many days of LAP in a calendar year, a permanent/ Temporary Railway servant shall be entitled to get?

a) 20 days 
b) 15 days 
c) 30 days 
d) 45 days

Ans:- (c) 30 days in a calendar year; (Para-523 of IREC,Vol-I,1995 edition)

2. How many days of LAP in a year, can be credited to an employee?.

a) 30 days 
b) 10 days 
c) 20 days 
d) 12 days

Ans:- (c ) 20 days in a year; (Para-526 of IREC,Vol.-I,1995 edition)

3. A female Railway employee shall be entitled to maternity leave for

a) 135 days 
b) 120 days 
c) 90 days 
d) 130 days

Ans:- (a) 135 days; (Estt. Srl. No. 162/97 & Para-551 of IREC-Vol.I,1995 edition)

4. For miscarriage, including abortion, what period of Maternity leave may be granted?.

a) 6 weeks 
b) 45 days 
c) 7 weeks 
d) 43 days.

Ans:- (b) 45 days; (Estt. Srl. No. 72/97 )

5. Paternity leave is admissible with less than two surviving children for a period of

a) 10 days 
b) 20 days 
c) 15 days 
d) 25 days

Ans:- (c ) 15 days; (Estt. Srl. No. 162/97 & 154/97)

6. Maximum days of leave on average pay that can be accumulated is

a) 120 
b) 180 
c) 190 
d) 300 days

Ans:- (d) 300 days; (Estt. Srl. No. 172/97 )

7. LAP shall be credited to a Railway servant at the rate of

a) 2 ½ days per month 
b) 3 days per month 
c) 2 days per month 
d) 1 ½ days per month

Ans:- (a) 2 ½ days per month; (Para-524 of IREC,Vol-I,1995 edition)

8. How many days of LAP per year can be credited to a school staff ?

a) 10 days 
b) 5 days 
c) 7days 
d) 8 days

Ans:- (a) 10 days; (Para-525 of IREC,Vol-I,1995 edition)

9. How many days of LHAP can be accumulated to an employeet in his service life?

a) 300 days 
b) 450 days 
c) 600 days 
d) Un limited

Ans:- (d) Unlimited; (Para-526 of IREC,Vol-I,1995 edition)

10. A male railway servant may be granted Paternity leave having surviving children

a) Less than two 
b) One 
c) Four 
d) Three

Ans:- (a) Less than two surviving children; (Para-551(A) R-I)

11. Up to what limit, maternity leave may be combined with any kind of leave?

a) One year 
b) Two years 
c) Unlimited 
d) Six months

Ans:- (a) One year; (Para-551, R-I)

12. A Trade Apprentices may be granted leave on full stipend for a period not exceeding----------- days per year.

a) 15 days 
b) 13 days 
c) 10 days 
d) 12 days

Ans:- (d) 12 days; (Para-534, R-I)

13. Apprentice Mechanics in Railways Workshops may be granted leave on full stipend for period not exceeding…...

a) 16 days 
b) 20 days 
c) 25 days 
d) 30 days

Ans:- (a) 16 days; (Para-533, R-I)

14. Gazetted officers may be granted LAP for the period exceeding 180 days but not exceeding ………, if leave granted out side India.

a) 200 days 
b) 240 days 
c) 230 days 
d) 250 days

Ans:- (b) 240 days; (RBE No. 42/92)

15. Study leave shall count for :-

a) Reckoning seniority 
b) Reckoning increment 
c) Earning LAP 
d) Earning LHAP.

Ans:- (c ) Earning LAP (R-I, 556)


16. Which of the following category is entitled for hospital leave?

a) Group ‘A’ 
b) Group ‘B’ 
c) Group ‘C’ 
d) Group ‘D’

Ans:- (d) Group ‘D’ only. (Para-554 of IREC, Vol.-I)

17. When no leave is admissible under any other rule, the leave granted is known as

a) LAP 
b) LHAP 
c) SPL Leave 
d) Extra ordinary leave.

Ans:- (d ) Extra ordinary leave (Para 530, R-I)

18. Maximum encashment of leave on average pay is…….

a) 200 days 
b) 180 days 
c) 360 days 
d) 300 days

Ans:- (d) 300 days; (E. S. No. 172/97)

19. Who is the authority to sanction Special Disability Leave?.

a) Senior Scale Officer 
b) J A Grade Officer 
c) DRM 

Answer:- (d) ADRM (Rule 552, 553, R-I).

20. Leave of any kind can be combined with vacation in the case of

a) Officers 
b) Office Staff 
c) Running Staff 
d) Rly. School Teacher
Answer:- (d) Rly. School Teacher (Para 525, R-I).

21. What is the maximum period of leave on Average pay at time that a Railway servant may be granted?

a) 120 days 
b) 160 days 
c) 180 days 
d) 300 days

Ans:- (c) 180 days; (Para 523, R-I)

22. What is the maximum limit of Leave not due that may be granted to a permanent Rly. Servant during his entire service period?

a) 360 days 
b) 380 days 
c) Unlimited 
d) 300 days

Ans:- (a) 360 days; (E. S. No. 31/89 & Para 528,R-I, 1995 edition)

23. Within which period, Paternity Leave can be granted?

a) Six months 
b) Three months 
c) Four months 
d) 15days

Ans:- (a) 6 months; (E. S. No. 05/2000)

24. Special Disability Leave on average pay granted for accident on duty shall not exceed………

a) 120 days 
b) 125 days 
c) 360 days 
d) 280 days

Ans:- (d) 280 days; (Para 553 (iii), R-I)

25. Paternity leave is also admissible to

a) Casual Labour 
b) Casual labour with temporary status 
c) After completion of 180 days of service 
d) After regular absorption

Ans:- (b) Casual labour with temporary status; (E. S. No. 143/99)

26. Staff of which Railway are entitled to avail extra Casual leave?

a) SER 
b) ECOR 
c) NFR 
d) ECR

Ans:- (c) NFR;

27. Whom does the Compensatory Casual leave is admissible?

a) Supervisory staff 
b) Group ‘D’ staff 
c) Group ‘C’ & Group ‘D’ staff but not supervisor
d) Stenographer & Confidential Assistant

Ans:- (c) Group ‘C’ & Group ‘D’ staff but not supervisor; (E. S. No. 27/61)

28. Quarantine Leave

a) Withdrawn 
b) Admissible in critical diseases 
c) For Eye disease 
d) Wife’s Sickness
Ans:- (a) Withdrawn; (Para, 555, R-I)


29. Commuted leave is admissible on

a) Medical Certificate 
b) Request of an employee 
c) Discretion of competent authority 
d) None

Ans:- (a) On Medical Certificate; (Para, 527, R-I)

30. If a Railway employee applies for a kind of leave say LAP, in advance, the competent authority may……..

a) Sanction as CL 
b) sanction as LWP 
c) refuse to sanction it 
d) convert it as commuted leave

Ans:- (c) Refuse to sanction it; (Para, 503, R-I)

31. A Railway shall be granted leave of any kind for a continuous period of not exceeding……

a) 3 Years 
b) 4 years 
c) 5 years 
d) 6 years

Ans:- (c) 5 years; (Para, 510, R-I)

32. Which of the following leave can be combined with vaction in case of a school teacher?
a) Only LAP 
b) Only LHAP 
c) Any kind of leave 
d) Special disability leave

Ans:- (c) Any kind of leave; (Para, 525 (d) , R-I)

33. How many occasions does a workshop staff be granted half a day’s LAP?

a) 6 occasions 
b) 10 occasions 
c) 6 occasions 
d) 12 occasions 

Answer :- (a ) 6 occasions ( Para539/2, R-I)

34. Hospital leave granted to a non-Gazetted Rly. Servant should not exceed a total of ……..when combined with other leave

a) 24 months
b) 26 months
c) 28 months 
d) 18 months

Answer :- (c ) 28 months (554/4, R-I

35. What is the maximum limitation of Leave Not Due granted on medical certificate during the entire period of service?

a) 360 days 
b) 365 days 
c) 370 days 
d) 390 days

Ans:- (a) 360 days; (E.S.No.30/89)

36. Maximum of study leave that can be granted to an employee during his entire service period is ……..
a) 36 months
b) 28 months
c) 24 months 
d) 30 months

Answer :- (a ) 36 months (170/98 )

37. In case of ‘Cut in pension’, for compulsory retirement as a measure of punishment, leave encashment is admissible for…
a) 360 days 
b) 150 days 
c) un utilized days 
d) not eligilble
Ans:- (d) not eligilble; (E.S.No.334/87)

38. Which of the following leave may be granted to a Rly. Servant, Volunteered to donate blood in Govt./Rly. Hospitals for railway employees.

a) Special Casual leave 
b) casual leave 
c) LAP 

Ans:- Special Casual leave.

39. If a railway servant resigns from service during study leave, and it is converted into regular leave as LAP/LHAP leaving balance, such a balance shall be treated as….

A) unauthorized absence 
b) Extra ordinary leave 
c) Study leave 
d) Leave not due

Answer:- (b) Extra ordinary leave (R-I, Appv./ul/2/w)

40. Who is the Authority to grant study leave abroad?
A) Rly. Board 
b) GM 
c) DRM 
d) CPO

Answer:- (a) Rly. Board (E.S.No.77/02)

41. Who is the Competent Authority to grant study leave within India?
A) Rly. Board 
b) GM 
d) CPO

Answer:- (b) Rly. Board (E.S.No.77/02)

42. Who is the Competent Authority to grant study leave for Group ‘C’ & ‘D’ categories within India?
a) Rly. Board 
b) GM 
d) CPO

Answer:- (c ) DRM/CWM (E.S.No.77/02)

43. What is the Maximum joining time admissible to a Railway Servant?

a) 10 days 
b) 12 days 
c) 15 days 
d) 16 days

Answer:- 15 days in case of air travel is involved (Para- 1108, R-I, 1995)

44. Which of the following employee does Special Casual leave is admissible under family welfare scheme?

a) Male employee 
b) Female employee 
c) Both male & female employee 
d) None

Answer:- (c ) Both male & female employee (E.S.No.100/ 84)

45. Under small family norms a railway employee is entitled to get Special Casual leave up to…….

a) 14 days 
b) 16 days 
c) 20 days 
d) 25 days

Answer:- 14 days (E.S.No.100/ 84)

46. Special Casual Leave is admissible foe employees who reside at a place where the date of polling is different from that of place….
a) 1 day 
b) 2 days 
c) 3 days 
d) 4 days

Answer:- 1 day (E.S.No.122/ 87)

47. Who is the authority to grant Special Casual Leave for Bundh,Curfew or other disturbances?
a) PHOD 
b) HOD 
c) DRM 

Answer:- (b) HOD (DRM/CWM) (E.S.No.4/ 85)

48. What is the maximum Casual leave admissible in a calendar year for scouting/
Sports activities?

a) 30 days 
b) 45 days 
c) 15 days 
d) 25 days

Answer:- 120 days (E.S.No.33/ 05)

49. Special Casual Leave is granted to cover the period of absence of Rly. Servants attending JCM…

a) Not more than 5 days in a year 
b) Not more than 10 days in a year
c) 6 days in a year 
d) 10 days in a year

Answer:- (a) Not more than 5 days in a year 14 days (E(L0 66 NM-1/21 dt 25-1-67)

50. If the transfer involves change of station, and the distance between the old and new station is less than 1000 k.ms, how many days of joining time is admissible?

a) Not more than 5 days 
b) 10 days 
c) 12 days 
d) 15 days

Answer:- (b) 10 days (Rly. Bd’s No. E(G)79/JT1/1 dt. 21.02.1980)