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Moradabad Division





          Moradabad was founded in 1625 by Mughal Prince “MURAD”, son of  Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

 Moradabad city is famous for Brass Metal Handicrafts, not only in India but also abroad. This city is situated in western U.P. between 28°-21´ and 28°-16´ Latitude North and 78°- 4´ and 79° Longitude East. Presently it is an Administrative, Industrial and Commercial centre. National Highway 24 passes through the city

Moradabad is the Headquarter of an important Division of Northern Railway. It is an important Railway Junction and lies on the Howrah-Amritsar and Delhi – Guwahati main lines.

 Moradabad Division was created in 1925 as a  part of East Indian Railway. Spread over the states of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, it has a total route kilometrage of 1402.15 Kms. and track kilometrage of 2701.72 Kms, over which 140 pairs of Mail/Express and 60  pairs of passenger trains run. There are 207 stations including 150 block stations. Approximately two lakhs passengers are booked daily from stations of the Division.

       The division caters to important religious and industrial centres of both the states. Important religious piligrim centres of the country like Haridwar, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Rishikesh, Garhmukteshwar, Rajghat, Naimisharanya etc are situated in the area served by the Division.

 Three major fertiliser plants, namely IFFCO/Aonla, Tata Chemicals Limited/Babrala and Kribhco Shyam Fertilisers / Shahjahanpur are located on this division. Major transportation needs of these plants are meet by the division.

Similarly, a number of important sugar factories are situated over the division. The sugar mills at Laksar, Seohara and Dhampurhave their own independent sidings. Other plants load their product from goodshed of Hardoi.

The largest grain market of UP, i.e., Shahjahanpur, also dispatches large volumes of food grain, especially wheat to Southern and North Eastern states.

 Apart from the above, the division provides a number of Goods handling terminals where large volumes of fertilizer, cement, coal , food grains and other miscellaneous commodities are handled.

        Major Oil companies also unload their products at dedicated sidings at Aonla, Najibabadand Banthra. One diesel loco shed for homing 250 GE locomotives has started functioning since 2018. 47 locomotives have so far been received.

               From freight operations point of view, this division serves as a major trunk route for all food grain traffic loaded from Northern States to North Eastern states. It also serves as an important route for transporting important raw materials like coal and steel from North Eastern and eastern regions of the country to the Northern states.

Highlights of Recent Past


ØMordabad Division successfully manged the rush of  Shahi Snan of Mahakumbh 20-21 on Somvati Amavsya & Baisakhi on 12th& 14th April at Haridwar. All the arrangements were made for the convenience of passengers and staff at all Kumbh locations.

ØThe Division successfully received and unload 19 Oxygen Express with 1286.04 ton Oxygen in May’21.  14 Oxygen express were received at Bareilly, 04 at Harrawala & 01 at Moradabad.

ØOne PSA Oxygen Generator Plant (250 litres) has been installed and commissioned at the divisional Hospital in Moradabad. It is the very first installed oxygen generation plant in the Northern Railway.

ØCentralized Oxygen pipeline: Total 31 beds are equipped with central oxygen pipeline out of total 119 beds.

ØWith the motive to provide safety and security to women passengers travelling in trains throughout their journey, ‘Meri Saheli’ campaign is launched by Moradabad Division. Under this campaign, a team of women Sub Inspectors (also appointed as Nodal officers) and women constables of RPF enters in all coaches including ladies coaches and identify women passengers, who are travelling alone before the departure of the train. These passengers are briefed about all precautions to be taken during the journey and inform about help no. 182 apart from giving contact numbers of RPF to contact in case of any issue.

ØMoradabad Division became the first over Northern Railway to finalise the agreement for Goods shed development through public private partnership model. The agreement for Garhmukteshwar Goods shed executed with Shree Aadinath Trading Co. Meerut for 05 years.
NIT for Bareilly cantt Goods shed for development under PPP model policy was also published on 11.11.2021. Date of opening of tender: 22.12.2021.

ØReaching to another milestone, Moradabad Division has awarded the contract for packing of luggage / parcel packages at parcel sheds of Dehradun, Haridwar, Moradabad and Bareilly railway stations under NINFRIS. Through this contract, Division has bridged the gap between Railway and it's customer, providing them the services and convenience for packing of two wheelers, parcel / luggage packages. It will also eliminate the possibility of any un-authorised services if any at railway stations. The project will also yield revenue of Rs.3.25 lakhs for contract period of one year.

ØCommissioning of UTS cum PRS at Nemisharanya & Kanth on 09th Aug’2021.

ØFor the facilitation of passengers 05 stations (YNRK, RKSH, GMS, HRI, SPN) are having UTS cum PRS counter other than PRS.

ØThe meeting was successfully organised at Moradabad with Hon’ble MPs on 16.11.21 with the objective to receive and discuss suggestions on expansion of railway facilities in MP’s parliamentary constituencies.

ØThe Division has also awarded the Standee with LED screen & Mobile charging facility at HW & YNRK with annual revenue of Rs.1,40,000/-

ØThe division has issued LOA for setting up of EV charging station along with 2/3 wheeler rental service. The project will yield revenue of ₹ 6.00 lac per annum. The facility will be provided at HW, RK, MB & BE.

ØTotal 2143 staff granted promotion and total 707staff granted MACP in the last year. 1028 staff promoted and 109staff granted MACP between April to Feb. 2022 .

ØHRMS Helpdesk – A dedicated whatsaap group has been started for speedy disposal of HRMS related grievances.

ØKaramchari S.R display camps were held at:- DDN, BE, AO, RAC,SPN,HPU HW & MB

ØEkta Diwas Pledge taken on 31.10.2021.

ØA work shop held on 02.11.21 at DRM office MB for Vigilance awareness week.

ØA booklet on “HRMS” released by “P” branch.

2.Safety Performance:

ØNumbers of accidents reduced to 02 in present year as compared to 09 in same period last year. Accident per million train km also reduced to .13 as compared to .33 last year. No consequential train accident has taken place so far in the division.

ØTrack Works (Figures in bracket is of last year)

oCTR- 18.48 Km (169.20 Km)

oTRR- 28.35 Km (249.26 Km)

oTFR- 8.77 Km (62.67 Km)

oTTR- 20 (108)

ØProvision of fire alarm system- 28  Stations (Signalling rooms)

Ø38 Nos Electric lifting barrier provided during the year.

ØElimination of LC Gates by LHS/Merger- 11 Nos

ØSafety audit of 12 major yards has been carried out by multi disciplinary dept.

ØInternational Level Crossing awareness week -A special drive was launched w.e.f. 04th to 10th June’21. 187 level crossing were covered and 5600 road user were counselled and 7450 pamphlets and 11500 handbills were distributed. In addition to above, 05 safety seminars were also organized in which 210 staff were counselled.

3.Infrastructure/Traffic Facility Works to Improve Mobility:

ØOpening of new Crossing station Lakhan (LKN) between PKW-DS on 22.04.2021

ØOpening of double line between NERI-JKH & JKH-JBG (24 Kms) stations on RAC-SPC section

ØOpening of double line between RAC-BRTA 6.5 KMs. doubling (without RAC Yard remodeling) on RAC-SPC section on 07.01.2022.

ØYard remodeling and doubling between LRJ-HW

ØRailway Electrification

a)Provision of OHE in JPLS [2 lines (150 Mtrs +150 Mtrs)] siding

between Pilkhuwa-Dasna

b)Provision of OHE in ATLP [1 line(130 Mtrs)] siding between


c)One hook placement by electric engine in CONCOR/MB

d)Electrification of POL Siding at Aonla, Najibabad & Banthara.

ØImprovement of Goods Shed for loading / unloading at Madhoganj.

ØNew Interchange point and Junction Station with NER at Shahjahanpur

ØElectronic Interlocking (EI) commissioned at Sandila, Umartali, Shajhanpur, Maingalganj, Neri, Jahanikhera, Rampur,  Laksar & Sahzad Nagar.

ØProvision of IBS between Dalpatpur-Katghar and Bilpur-Tisua

ØLoop line commissioned at Fajalpur.  Umartali & Chandok

ØLC Gate Sliding boom provided  at 8 level crossings.

ØRemoval of 15 KMPH PSR at all stations ON-BLM-SPC section and impose 50 KMPH PSR on 23.04.2021.

ØRemoval of PSR of 50 KMPH between PKW-DS

ØSpeed of MB-CH section has been raised from 95 KMPH to 100 KMP

ØSpeed between BE-RGB 3/11-12 turn out speed raised from 15 KMPH to 30 KMPH

ØSpeed of GJL-MZM section has been raised from 50 KMPH to 100 KMPH

ØRaising of speed over Turnout & 1st loop lines adjacent to main line from 15 KMPH to 30 KMPH at stations on Moradabad - Chandausi section excluding MB & CH yards of Moradabad Division