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Electrical EMU

EMU Car Shed, Ghaziabad

A.  Brief History Of EMU Shed

EMU Car Shed, GZB was established in the year 1982 to cater to the suburban services requirement of National Capital Region of Delhi. It was a prestigious project on the eve of Asiad 1982. The Shed is spread over an area of about 62.5 acres with a covered area of about 7.5 acres. The Shed is committed to safety, reliability and passenger amenities and has been accredited with ISO: 9001:2015 for Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 for Environment Management System, OHSMS 45001:2018 for Health and Safety Management system, ISO 50001:2011 for Energy Management System and 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standard & sustain) standard

The Shed with an initial small holding of 04 rakes has rapidly moved on a growth path with the present holding of 20 EMU and 28 MEMU rakes. Initial services on DLI Ring Rail were of just six coaches. To cater to the need of growing suburban traffic, the Shed is presently running compositions of upto 15 Car EMU services and 20 Car MEMU services. The services are not limited to NR alone but also extended to NCR, NER and WCR, covering places like BBK (536 Km), NLDM (359 Km), SLN (646 Km), SPN (672 Km), ASR (451 Km), MGS (795 Km) and BXN (236 Km).

Services dedicated exclusively to ladies are running in New Delhi – Palwal, New Delhi - Panipat and New Delhi - Ghaziabad sections for the convenience of lady commuters in the peak hours.

B.  Important Landmarks

1.  First EMU service (Delhi Ring Railway) started on 15.08.1982.

2.  First MEMU service (DLI-PNP section) started on 23.02.1995.

3.  First Ladies special service of NR (NDLS-PWL section) started on 05.08.2009.

4.  Running of MEMU rake with toilet facility started on 20.10.2010.

5.  20 Car MEMU service started on 08.10.2017 (TKJ-BSC section).

6.  New 12 Car 3 phase AC EMU rake was introduced on 05.05.19 for passenger service in GZB-PWL section.

7.  06 Car newly renovated MEMU rake for Ladies passenger has been introduced on 16.12.19 in place of Ladies special EMU train service between NDLS-PWL.

C.  EMU & MEMU Train Services

The Shed is presently catering to 224 train services per day over NR, NCR, NER and WCR with a train km earning of 326 km per day for EMU and 417 Km per day for MEMU. The detailed map is given below.

D.  Certification

1.  Accredited with ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System.

2.  Accredited with ISO 14001:2015 for Environment Management System.

3.  Accredited with ISO 45001-2018 for Occupational Health & Safety Management system (OHSMS).

4.  Accredited with EnMS 50001:2011 for Energy Management System.

5.  Accredited with 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standard & sustain) standard.

E.  Activities Of Shed

The Shed is responsible for the comprehensive running maintenance of EMU and MEMU coaches assigned to it. In addition to the schedule inspections and running repairs, the Shed is carrying out the POH of EMU/MEMU coaches, POH of Tower Wagons of NR, NCR, NER and RE/UMB, RE/JP & RE/LKO and corrosion repairs of Coaches/Tower Wagons.

F.  Periodicity Of Maintenance Activities




18 Months +/- 05 days


240 +0 /- 10 days


60+0 /- 5 days

Trip Inspection

Within 15 +0 /-3 days

Corrosion repair of EMU/MEMU coaches.

On condition basis

Washing of rakes

15-20 days

POH of Tower Wagon


G. Holding Of Tower Wagons

EMU Car Shed, Ghaziabad is carrying out POH of following Tower Wagons of NR, NCR, NER, RE/UMB, RE/JP and RE/LKO.


























Grand Total





Recent Achievements

1. CRS Inspection of 3-Phase 12 Car MEMU Prototype rake at EMU Car Shed, GZB.

CRS inspection of 3-Phase 12 Car MEMU rake was successfully done on speed upto 120 kmph and the rake was approved by CRS for running over NR upto 110 kmph. This is the first MEMU rake over Indian Railway for which CRS has been given approval for operation upto speed of 110 kmph.

2. In-House repair of GPS based PIS system.

PIS system provided in EMU rakes, at the shed were defective from long time. Due to financial constraints, it was decided to repair these PIS system departmentally through the staff of the shed. For this, a testing & repairing setup was developed and PIS system was repaired. Now all the PIS system installed in EMU rakes are made functional. Total fund utilized in the repair was approx. ₹1 lakh, which resulted in saving of ₹47 lakhs.

3.  Commissioning of 330KW Solar plant.

Solar plant with 330KW rating has been commissioned in EMU Car Shed, GZB. It will reduce the expenses towards power consumption of shed. This will help in saving of approx. 20 lakh/year.

4. Construction of Electronic Lab.

A new Electronic Lab has been constructed for repair of electronic cards / sensors / devices and other electronic equipment's of 3-Phase EMU/MEMU coaches.

5. Installation of CNC under floor wheel lathe (BG) at EMU Car Shed, Ghaziabad.

Installation of CNC under floor wheel lathe machine has been completed. This has stopped the movement of coaches for WRP work at SRE/shed & SSB and also improved efficiency of EMU Car Shed, GZB.

6. Epoxy Flooring of pathway inside Heavy repair shop and Inspection pit.

In heavy repair shop & Inspection Pit, epoxy flooring on pathway has been done to increase cleanliness and for beautification of shed.

7. Retrofitment of Bio-Toilets.

Retrofitment of Bio-Toilets in all MEMU Trailer coaches with toilets has been done.

         Benefits of Bio-Toilets.

  • Save Water as human waste is biologically degraded into gas and water with minimal or no use of water.
  • It is an innovative method to decompose waste in an eco-friendly and economical manner.
  • It controls bad odour problems.

8. EIG of under slung M/s. Medha MEMU rake.

Shed has received two no. 3 Phase 08 Car MEMU Under slung rakes equipped with M/s. Medha electric system from ICF, Chennai. EIG of this new rake has been done on 20.11.2020.

9. Disposal of scrap from EMU Car Shed, Ghaziabad.

During current financial year, shed has disposed-off 189 MT (ferrous & non-ferrous) & 1044 MT scrap in 2020-21.

10. Certification of ISO: 9001-2015, 5S, EMS ISO 14001:2015, OHSMS ISO 45001-2018 & EnMS ISO 50001:2018 of EMU Car Shed, Ghaziabad.

EMU Car Shed is certified ISO: 9001-2015 for Quality Management System, 5S (space, sort, set in order, shine standardised & sustain) standard, 14001:2015 for Environment Management System (EMS), ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health & Safety Management system (OHSMS) & ISO 50001:2018 for Energy Management System (EnMS).

11. Bird House Contest on the World Environment Day.

EMU Car Shed, Ghaziabad has participated in bird house contest on World Environment Day and secured 4th position in Northern Railway.

12. Installation of APFCR Panel (90 KVAR).

Automatic Power Factor Controller Relay (APFCR) Panel of rating 90 KVAR has been installed in EMU Car Shed, GZB.

13. Repair Work of Turn Table.

Turn Table in shed was lying defective since long time has been repaired and is in working condition.

14. POH of EMU/MEMU coaches.

During current financial year, Shed has carried out POH of 57 EMU/MEMU coaches, this includes POH of 24 nos. 3-Phase EMU Coaches. POH of 3-Phase coaches was done first time at shed and POH of 354 EMU/MEMU coaches has carried out in 2020-21.

15. POH of Tower wagons.

During current financial year, POH of 05 nos. tower wagons have been completed and 19 tower wagons in 2020-21 which is the highest POH done in any financial year.

16. Energy conservation by using regenerative braking in 3-Phase EMU rakes.

During current financial year, 307654 KWh energy has been saved by regenerative braking feature in 3-Phase EMU rakes w.r.t. 1375805 KWh energy consumed and 442752 KWh w.r.t. 3565969 in 2020-21.

17. Modification of Air Dryer Circuit in EMU/MEMU motor coaches.

Modification of Air Dryer circuit in all EMU/MEMU motor coaches has been completed.

18. Fitment of bus type window glass.

Shed has provided 574 nos. window glasses in bus type window in EMU coaches.

19. Online training of staff.

Online training of 232 EMU staff & supervisors was arranged on the function of three phase EMU equipments i.e. TCMS, Line & traction converter, auxiliary converter and difference between EMU & MEMU and maintenance of IV coupler of make M/s Harting India, Electro Pneumatic brake system of M/s Knorr Bremse and Air compressor Limit of M/s Faively Transportation.

20. Special EMU/MEMU service for NDA & NEET exam.

Shed provided special service between KUN to NDLS to facilitate candidates appearing in NDA & NA exam on 06.09.2020 and ALJN to DLI, KSV to HNZM & KKDE to NDLS for candidates appearing in NEET exam on 13.09.2020.

21. COVID - 19 Preparation.

a. Development of hands free washing system.

EMU Car Shed, Ghaziabad has developed a hands free washing system which is installed at a centre point of shed to fight against COVID 19 infection. This system is provided with two taps, one for soap solution for which a tank of soap solution is mounted at the top of system and other tap for water supply and both taps are foot operated.

b. Shramik Trains & Workman Special.

08 nos. 12 Car MEMU rake provided in NCR for movement of migrant labours from 24.05.20 to 12.06.20 and 06 nos. workman special EMU/MEMU rakes are running from 13.05.2020 in Delhi NCR.

C. In addition to above, following measures are also taken for preventing outbreak of corona virus (COVID-19).

  • Personal protective gears like gloves and masks has been provided to maintenance staff of EMU Car Shed, Ghaziabad and being counselled for their use.
  • Maintenance staff of EMU Car Shed, Ghaziabad including contractual workers are being Counselled regularly for their personal hygiene and to take precautionary measures for their own safety.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of EMU Car Shed premises (Workshop area, Inspection pits, Time Office, Store & ADM block) is being done regularly.
  • An announcement is being played in 03-Phase EMU Rakes to aware the passengers about spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.
  • Instruction has been given to Trade unions to desist from holding any type of gate meetings/ demonstrations.
  • Intensive cleaning and disinfection of EMU/MEMU coaches and toilets are being done at the time of every trip inspection.
  • Inside intensive cleaning of coaches i.e. Points of passenger contact and vulnerable areas such as grab handles, door grab, benches, latches, window sill, toilets and wash basins are being done with chemically.
  • Toilets of MEMU coaches are being cleaned and disinfected with Sodium hypochloride solution.
  • Outside washing of EMU/MEMU coaches are being done at time of every trip inspection thoroughly with high pressure jet machine and cleaning chemicals.
  • Fumigation/sanitization of EMU/MEMU coaches are being done at time of trip inspection.


Source : Northern Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed : 21-07-2021  

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