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ØClosure of Level Crossing = 09 Nos. by division { LC No 172A (TEG-CDRL), LC No 180(CDRL-RMNR), LC No 97(TQA-BQP), LC No 73(GRX-DND), LC No 176(CDRL-RMNR), LC No 80(LLJ-RRS), LC No 69 (DMW-LLJ), LC No 137 (NHN-SYW), LC No 166 (HGH-TEG) } and 06 Nos. by Construction department {LC No 1(LKO-MKG), LC No 60 (SWE-MEM), LC No 50 (MNJR-JPD), LC No 44(KEPR-MWP), LC No 56 (MWP-LBA), LC No 112 (MFKA-AHZ)}. In the previous year total 7 LCs were closed.

ØInsertion of LHS =01 Nos. at LC No. 69(DMW-LLJ) in comparison of last year’s 15 Nos. LHS.

ØTrack Renewal= 135.29 CTR Unit against target of 135 CTR Unit. The previous year total 115.25 CTR unit track renewal had done.

ØLaying of Thick Web Switch= 41 Nos. Till the previous year no TWS has been laid in the division.

ØScrap Generation=Total 17726.685 MT scrap has been offered during the year against the target of 15000 MT. out of 17726.685 MT, Total 14337.939 MT has been accepted by HQ stores. Total scrap generated during the last year was 19878.154 MT.

ØDeep Screening of Plain Track=Total 256.047 TKM plain track has been deep screened during the year while 176.313 TKM plain track has been deep screened during the last year.

ØDeep Screening of Turnout=Total 199.4 Turnouts has been deep screened during the year, while in the previous year total 224.12 Turnouts had been deep screened.

ØReduction of Rail/Weld Fracture= 161 Fracture (78 RF 83 WF) in comparison to last year of 249(109 RF 140 WF) Nos. Fractures. The reduction in fractures is due to Rail Renewal at fracture prone locations.

ØUSFD Testing= Total 9581.465 KM USFD testing has been done during this year in comparison of 8602.640 KM of previous years.

ØRemoval/Relaxation of PSR=Total 10 PSR has been removed/relaxed in the year as compared to last year’s progress of One no.

ØSpeed Raising= 16.00 KM ABP-TD (From 30 KMPH to 50 KMPH).

ØSpeed Raising of Loop Lines to 30 KMPH-: Proposal ofSpeed raising over 1stloop lines from 15 KMPH to 30 KMPH between DDU(Excl.)-BSB(Excl.)-ZBD(Excl.) has been accepted by HQ office. The proposal includes total 14 loop lines of 10 stations and 13 crossovers additionally to loop lines for speed raising. After implementation of this total 61.23 minutes will be saved.

ØReduction in total time consumed in ER:-On 22.02.2021 total time consumed in ER was 397 Minutes which has been reduced to 190 minutes on 23.03.2021 after removal/ relaxation of PSR/TSR imposed prior.

ØImprovement of Yards= Total 17 Nos. major yards have been improved during this year. The yards are Akbarpur(ABP), Mohanlalganj (MLJ), Harchandpur(HCP), Anoopganj(APG), Vyasnagar(VYN), Kashi(KEI), Shivpur(SOP), Birapatti(BRPT), Babatpur(BTP), Khalispur(KSF), TrilochanMahadev(TLMD), Jalalganj(JLL), Sarkoni(SIQ), Ayodhya (AY), Faizabad(FD), Barabanki(BBK) & Lucknow Yard(LKO).

ØRectification of Defective layout=Total 4 Layout corrections have been completed during this year. The layouts are of ABP-01, HCP-01, MLJ-01 & APG-01.

ØBallast Supply=Total 266378 Cum ballast has been supplied during the year while in the previous year total 388074 Cum ballast was supplied.

ØTraining out of Ballast=Total 314731 cum ballast has been trained out during this year. While in the previous year total 349139 cum ballast had been trained out.

ØEarning from Land Resources= Total 24.4366 Crores earning has been received from miscellaneous land resources while in the previous year total 65.056 Crores earning was received from land resources. Due to COVID-19, way leave amount considerably reduced due to which the earning get affected.

ØTurnout Renewal= Total 117.50 Eq. Nos. of turnout renewal has been done during this year while in the previous year total 128 Eq. Nos. of turnout renewal had been done.

ØDestressing of LWR= 530.104 KM Destressing has been done during the year (Pre Winter=224.793 Km & Pre Summer= 305.311 Km). In the previous year total 539.246 Km track was distressed.

ØTFR= Total 631.617 Km TFR has been done during this year in compare to last year progress of 311.288Km.

ØOverhauling of LC=Total 418 Nos. Level Crossing has been overhauled this year in comparison to 400 Nos. of Last year.


Renewal of Washable apron at PF-5 of LUCKNOW station has been completed during the month. For this work PF -5 was blocked from 07.03.20 to 22.03.20 and work was stopped from 23.03.20 to 12.05.20 due to pandemic of COVID-19. The work was again started on 13.05.2020 and track linking has been completed on 30.06.20. Total 1095 partly casted rail beam seat has been used for construction of washable apron. 

ØRebuilding of Bridges in JNH-ZBD Section

Out of 7 sanctioned bridges for replacement on ZBD-JNH section, all 7 bridges have been rebuilded in this year by taking 6 hour block for each bridge. Bridge nos. are39, 44, 50, 52, 59, 62 and 66.

ØReplacement of Girder at Br. 793 of LKO & Strengthening of Bridge NO 796A at LKO

Replacement of Girder of Bridge no. 793 of East yard LKO has been done. Girder of North line (DN Main line) replaced on 21.12.2020, while Girder of East UP Loco line replaced on 29.12.2020&Replacement of trough between north line and south line has been done and repairing of cross members of girders has also been done.

ØRehabilitation of Arch Bridge no. 80 & 103 on BSB- JNH section has been completed.

ØJacketing of Bridge no. 187 & 306 has been completed on BSB- PBH section.

ØReplacement of channel Sleeper on Br. No.306, 320 & Br. 11(Malviya Bridge). Total Progress of replacement of channel Sleeper in this year is 1137 Nos. While the replacement of channel sleeper in the previous year was 1962 Nos.

ØReconditioning of Point &Crossing

1.CMS Crossing by Translamatic Robotic Method =230 Nos.

2.Total CMS Crossing=421 Nos.

3.Total Switches=436 Nos.

ØCommissioning of 2nos of shunting lines in AY which was blocked since 2003.

ØStaff Welfare:-

1. 35 JE/P.Way has been promoted as SSE/P.Way and 13 JE/Works has been promoted as SSE/Works during the month.

2. Cadre restructuring of Track Maintainer category as per RBE No. 44/2019 has been vetted from Divisional Associate Finance for providing benefit of Cadre enlargement in higher grade i.e. 10:20:20:50 from 06:12:22:60. Implementation of the same is under process in all ADEN sub-divisions.

3. Benefit of Cadre restructuring for Artisan category has been provided to STM/Fitter, Vehicle Driver and Carpenter categories. For remaining Artisan categories the case is under process with Divisional Establishment branch.

4. Newly recruited candidates from RRB in App. JE/P. Way, App. JE/Works and App. JE/Drg. Alongwith staff promoted through talented and Promottee quota in JE/P. Way category has been successfully provided training by online mode due to COVID – 19 during training period their Phase – I offline exam has successfully being conducted at Divisional level.

5. Division has distributed 4500 Nos. winter jacket to track maintainers.

ØCommissioning of double line

A. Commissioning of double line between Jais-Gauriganj (17.344 Km ) & Gangaganj-Kundanganj (14.043 Km) station on UTR-RBL-PBH section:

31.387 km doubling was completed and commissioned after CRS inspection. Authorization was given with full speed of the section.

B. Approximate 6.42 Km has been commissioned on 09.09.2020 in PFM-PRG section.

C. Approximate 10.00 Km has been commissionedon 26.02.2021 UTR-TPNR by pass line.

Cumulative progress of this year is Approximate 47.807 Km.

ØPassenger Amenities Progress



Item (scope)

Achievement (up to Jan-21)


Adarsh Station



Washable Apron

1 Nos. LKO PF- 5 completed


Platform Shelter



Improvement of Platform Surface

Gauriganj PF-2,Jais PF-1


Foot Over Bridge

JAIS, BANI, Harchandpur, Gangaganj.


Platform Raising

(3 Nos.)

Gauriganj,Bani, Jais


ØImprovement and Raising of PF No. 2&3 of PBH has been completed.

ØRaising of PF 1 at TLKH and extension of PF 1 at JAIS done by RVNL.Fall ceiling of PF shelter done at PF1 AME. Wall paneling and fall ceiling done in station building AME.

Source : Northern Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed : 28-05-2024  

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