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   Vigilance Department
      System Improvement

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Electrical Department


System improvement

Letter No.


System improvement advised to Chief Security Commissioner/RPF /NDBH regarding :-

   Provision of the public announcement system facility at each examination centre.

     Provision of the power supply for computers through UPS system to avoid any power interruption during the examination.

    Provision of at least two numbers of Hand Held Metal Detectors at each examination centre, one for frisking male candidates and other for frisking female candidates.

To issue the guidelines for minimum requirement of the Biometric Devices at the examination centers in proportionate to the strength of the candidates at the centre.

Implemented vide स.सु.आ./रे.सु.ब./वि.आ.शा. vide LNo. 220-ई/रे.सु.ब./भर्ती-का/उ.नि/ दिनांक 27.06.2022


System improvement suggested to CAO/C//Kashmere Gate/DLI regarding :-

Item rates for the civil work shall be introduced in future tenders for provision of escalators so that payment for civil work is made as per actual quantity executed as per site conditions.

Implemented vide Secy/CAO/C Lno. Secy/CAO/C/Admn/2022 dated 03.06.2022.


System improvement suggested to FA&CAO/NR as advised by PED/Vig/Rbd. regarding :-

Taxes applicable on spare parts of diesel engines or on any machinery and works contract for estimation purpose.

Implemented vide LNo. 2022/Dy.CAO/G/Misc dated 26.04.2022


System improvement suggested to PrCEE/NR as advised by PED/Vig/Rbd. regarding :-

All the TC members as well as TAA to put date under their signatures.

Implemented vide LNo. E-114/Elect/G/Vig. Instr/5008 dated 09.03.2022



System improvement

Letter No.


System improvement suggested to Pr.CEE/NR regarding :-

The tender should be a manufacturer of ISI mark or an authorized dealer of any reputed make pumps )ISI mark) or an authorized service centre of pump (ISI mark( or a firm with adequate facilities of rewinding pumps.

Implemented vide Lno. E-114/Elect/G/Vig Instr/5008 dated 08.12.2021


System improvement advised to Pr.FA/NR, In order to bring the uniformity in the calculation of EPF component in the estimate.

LNO. VIG/CT/V5/2020/11/00647 dated 24.05.2021

Implemented by Dy.FA/Finanace vide LNo..Misc/Finance/Misc dated 17.06.2021



System improvement advised to PCEE/NR & DRM/FZR,Regardless of the unit of measurement of work, there should be clear mention of type and number of manpower required shift wise/day wise in Estimate, Mode of Payment or schedule of rates of the contract should be according to the type and number of manpower required/deployed..

Lno. VIG/SRC/V5/2017/09/01586 dated 14.09.2020

Implemented vide LNo. E-114/Elect/G/VigInstr/5008 dated 17.09.2020



System improvement advised to PCEE/NR To prohibit the domestic utilization of emergency supply (Diesel Generator) in Railway accommodation as production cost of the emergency supply is very high.

Lno. VIG/CT/V5/2016/05/02612 dated 18.12.2018

System improvementimplementedvide CEGE/NR letter no. 213-Elect/P/System improvement/129 dated 08.01.2019


System improvement advised to PCEE/NR regarding provision of solar panels which may include defining of suitable specifications, testing procedures and testing agencies.

Lno.VIG/PC/V5/2014/02/0057 dated 10.04.2019

Implemented vide CEGE/R LNo. E-114/Elect/G/Vig.Instr/5008 dated 30.04.2019



System improvement advised to PCEE/NR regarding Officials on deputation may be advised to submit the details of payment made against Electricity charges to the concerned division

Lno. VIG/PC/V5/2015/08/0180 dated 25.01.2018

Implemented vide Lno. E-114/Elect/G/Vig.Instr/5008 dated 08.08.2018


System improvement advised to Pr.Chief Engineer/NR and Pr.CEE/NR regarding works planned to be executed through dispensing of tender and calling quotations should also be invited online like e-tendering system

LNo. VIG/CT/V5/2015/01/0098 dated 20.05.2018

Implemented vide Lno.E-114/Elect/G /Vig.Instru/5008 dated 06.06.2018



System improvement advised to CEE/NR regardingthe job cards being used for making the payment to the contractor should be modified

Lno.VIG/PC/V5/2015/01/0243dated 16.08.2017

Implemented vide Lno. 516-M/301/E-5/ML-3 dated 29.08.2017


System improvement advised to CEE/NR regardingRly. Bd’s guidelines issued vide letter dated 07.04.2015 should be strictly followed in all works pertaining to provision of lifts/elevators in Railways.

Lno. VIG/PC/V5/2016/09/00805 dated 08.05.2017

Implemented vide CEGE Lno. CEGE/Misc/Confdl/2017 dated 30.05.2017


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