ࡱ> 352 bjbj .xxdWYYYYYY$< "D}}"WWV@a :G C0Sx"#FT"#"#x}}"# : Criteria for Empanelment of Newspapers for Releasing Advertisements of Northern Railway in its jurisdiction The newspapers published in the jurisdiction of Northern Railway, having DAVP rates, are eligible to apply for empanelment of releasing of advertisements (classified/display) from Northern Railway. The newspapers/periodicals may apply for empanelment by 28 February every year supported with the following documents:- Copy of valid DAVP approved rates. Copy of RNI Certificate Copy of C.A. certificate (verifying account book and circulation figures) Copy of valid PAN Card Copy of Release Orders issued by any of Govt. organization for publication of advertisement (if any) and Newspapers for the last four months from the date of filing application for empanelment in the case of dailies and six months in the case of periodicals. (Photo copy of any document should be submitted duly attested by Gazetted Officer in the office of C.P.R.O., Northern Railway, State Entry Road, New Delhi on any working day.) In addition to above the following Performa (for Data-base purpose) duly filled in all respects, should also be attached with the relevant Xerox copies. DATA BASE of NEWSPAPER LARGE [ ] MEDIUM [ ] SMALL [ ] (Please Tick) Name of Newspaper Place of Publication Language Periodicity RNI No. DAVP Rate Circulation figure Areas circulated in PAN INS Registration No. Name of owner, Address, E-mail, Landline & Mobile/Fax No. Name of Publisher Name of Printer Name & Address of Printing Press Name of Editor Chief of Bureau Name of Chief Reporter Newspaper page size: Name of media/Advertising Manager Name of Railway Correspondent Name, Address & Telephone No. of Hawker: Websites & e-mail of newspaper with Address, e-mail, landline, Mobile/Fax number Name of the newspaper office, Telephone/Fax No. Number of pages Number of pages in colour Name of Supplement, if any Newspaper Cost Name of Govt. agencies empanelled with Bank details for electronic clearance of bills Name of Newspaper Group The rate at which commercial ads are released in your newspaper. Which companies are releasing ads through your newspaper on commercial rates, please attach Tear Sheet as sample. Income Tax returns of last three years. Signature (Publisher, Printer &/or Editor) '-67lmn}l B C # + , - ; D _ ` ƾxxxxxmmh-5\mH sH hgK5\mH sH hp5\mH sH hgKmH sH hpmH sH hmH sH hmH sH h)bmH sH hlmH sH hn,mH sH h5>*\mH sH hgKh5>*\mH sH hgKh5>*\mH sH hgKhgK5>*\mH sH '(mn 3 J M N O  $ & Fdha$gd* $dha$gd-$ & Fdha$gd- $dha$gd-$a$gdgK   ͼͼͼͨͼo^oMoM hMAh_P1OJQJ^JmH sH  hMAhJpOJQJ^JmH sH  hMAh*OJQJ^JmH sH &hMAh5 5OJQJ\^JmH sH &hMAh-5OJQJ\^JmH sH &hMAh*5OJQJ\^JmH sH  hMA5OJQJ\^JmH sH &hMAhgK5OJQJ\^JmH sH hMAh->*mH sH hgK>*mH sH h->*mH sH   $ , 6 I ] a v )>`~)9Sn}$ & Fdha$gd,|$ & Fdha$gd* )0289?GHn|пujh/+:h/+:mH sH h/+:h/+:>*mH sH h/+:5\mH sH &hMAh/+:5OJQJ\^JmH sH  hMAhJpOJQJ^JmH sH hOJQJ^JmH sH  hMAh/+:OJQJ^JmH sH hW0OJQJ^JmH sH  hMAh_P1OJQJ^JmH sH  hMAh,|OJQJ^JmH sH - $dha$gd/+: $dha$gd/+: $dha$gd/+:$ & Fdha$gd,| ,1h. 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