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1.1.Panel Interlocking at Khanna station (Route 47 nos.) has been commissioned on date 14/08/2022 by replacing 17 years old existing Panel Interlocking (DOI 17.11.2005) with provision of 23 Nos. new Points Machines, 13Nos. New Signals and 39 Nos. Track Circuit, 1 no. block section UFSBI with HASSDAC in place of BPAC with UAC installation of dated 17.11.2005 on Chawapail side block section inc/w modification and shifting of railway S&T utilities affecting DFCCIL alignment on SNL-UMB-SRE section.

1.2.Distributed Electronic Interlocking (Westress Make) Std IIR with Dual VDU at Bathinda Cantt (BTIC) station (Route 142 nos.) has been commissioned on date 08/08/2022 by replacing existing mechanical interlocking with provision of 44 Nos. new Points Machines, 21 Nos. New Signals, 67 Nos. Track Circuit, UFSBI with Dual Detection both KZW and BTI side, 3 nos. HASSDAC (M/s CEL), 2 nos. SSDAC (M/s CEL), 5Nos. Datalogger 512/32 (M/s Efftronics), 3 nos. RTU 64/16 (M/s Efftronics),6 Nos. IPS (M/s Statcon), ELB (M/s Global) at LC 140C & 141C (BTI-BTIC) and alteration work in Bathinda relay room with provision 4 nos. new points in c/w Doubling work b/w RPJ-BTI section of Ambala Division.

1.3.Centralized Electronic Interlocking (Westress Make) Std IIR with Dual VDU at Fatuhi (FTH) station (Route 27 nos.) has been commissioned on date 27/07/2022 by replacing existing Std-I interlocking with provision of 6 Nos. new Points Machines, 10 Nos. New Signals, 18 Nos. Track Circuit, UFSBI with Dual Detection both HMK and SGNR side, 1No. Datalogger 1280/32 (M/s Efftronics), 1 No. IPS (M/s Statcon), ELB (M/s Global) at LC 81C & 82B (FTH) in c/w upgradation of signalling gears from Std-I to Std-IIR by Electronic Interlocking at Fatuhi station in BTI-SGNR section.

1.4.FCI Silo for Food Grain Storage Siding has been commissioned on date 05.07.2022 at Chhintawala Station to facilitate the reception and dispatch of food grain rakes takes off from Main line by providing rod coupled K-5 and 5-K point at BTI end on Chhintanwala Station in RPJ-DUI section of Ambala Division.

1.5.Centralized Electronic Interlocking (Westress Make) Std IIR with Dual VDU at Hindumalkote (HMK) station (Route 40 nos.) has been commissioned on date 08/06/2022 by replacing existing Std-I interlocking with provision of 10 Nos. new Points Machines, 12 Nos. New Signals, 25 Nos. Track Circuit, UFSBI with Dual Detection both PJK and FTH side, 1No. Datalogger 1280/32 (M/s Efftronics), 1 No. IPS (M/s Statcon), newly interlocked ELB (M/s Global) at LC 69C (HMK) in c/w upgradation of signalling gears from Std-I to Std-IIR by Electronic Interlocking at Hindumalkote station in BTI-SGNR section.

1.6.Centralized Electronic Interlocking (Kyosan Make) Std III with Dual VDU at Mandi Govindgard station (Route 40 nos.) has been commissioned on date 24/05/2022 by replacing existing relay interlocking with provision of 12 Nos. new Points Machines, 16 Nos. New Signals and 26 Nos. Track Circuit, UFSBI with Dual Detection both KNN and GVG side (6 Nos. HASSDAC of M/s GGTronics make), 1No. Datalogger 1024/32 (M/s Efftronics), 1 No. IPS (M/s Amararaja), ELB (M/s Pragati) at LC 151C (GVG) in c/w provision of Electronic Interlocking and Yard Remodelling work for temporary connection with New Mandi Govindgarh Station).

1.7.A Centralized Electronic Interlocking (Westrace Make) with Dual VDU at Panjkosi station (Route 26 nos.)has been commissioned on date 29/04/2022 by replacing existing standard I interlocking with provision of 4 Nos. new Points Machines, 10 Nos. New Signals and 20 Nos. Track Circuit, IPS (M/s Statcon), ELB (M/s Global) at LC 59C (PJK) in c/w EI at Panjkosi station along with Replacement of old & worn out Signalling in c/w upgradation of signalling gears from Std-I to Std-IIR by Electronic Interlocking at Malout station in BTI-SGNR section

1.8.Temporary connectivity of DFCCIL Siding at KNN station: To facilitate DFCCIL for movement of wagon to from DFCCIL Depot at Khanna station, new temporary Pt. K1 and K2 provided with single ground lever frame interlocked with station on dated 22.04.2022. Necessary alteration and correction has been done in Relay Room as per approved selection table and panel diagram.

1.9.4-Aspect Auto Signalling in SBJ-SDY section: Worn out 3 Aspect colour light Auto Signalling replaced with 4-Aspect colour light Auto Signalling on dated 21.04.2022 with provision of Multi Section Digital Axle Counter (MSDAC) of M/s MEDHA make on Saraibanjara-Sadhoogarh section with modification and shifting of railway S&T utilities affecting DFCCIL alignment on SNL-UMB-SRE section.

1.10.Provision of UFSBI in Block Section: 9 Nos. block section i.e. 2 No. Tokenless Diado block instrument in NMDA-KMNN & KMNN-SMRL section and 5 Nos. BPAC with UAC in GVG-KNN, KNN-CHA, BTIC-KWZ, BTIC-BTI, JNCV-KARR, KARR-SASN & MFB-RAA replaced with UFSBI using Dual Detection this year over Ambala division.

1.11.Replacement of UAC with SSDAC/MSDAC:To improve safety and reliability, 20 Nos. UAC replaced with SSDAC/MSDAC this year so far over Ambala division.

1.12.Provision of RTU/Datalogger:To improve reliability and safety, 9 nos. LC gates provided with RTU (64/16) Efftronics make, provided this year so far over Ambala Division.

1.13.Provision of Fire Detection and Alarm system with Datalogger: To improve reliability and safety, 4 nos. Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm system have been provided with Datalogger at PJK, FTH, BTIC and HMK this year so far over Ambala Division.

1.14.Dual Detection:To improve the reliability of axle counters dual detection provided in 5 No. block section i.e. GVG-KNN, KNN-CHA, BTIC-KWZ, BTIC-BTI and RAA-MFBduring the current year over Ambala Division.

1.15.Provision of Power supply through IPS at Mid section L-Xing Gates: To improve reliability of power supply, 2 nos. IPS provided in mid-section L-Xing No. 140C(BTI), 33C(KRLI-MNPR), during the current year over Ambala Division.

1.16.Installation of Thick Web Switch: To improve the safety, speed and reliability of point, 74 Nos. 144mm stroke point machines replaced with Thick Web Switch 220mm point machines against target of 204 nos. this year so far.




1.1.Video Clips related to YOGA in c/w YOGA Day Celebrations have been played successfully on Video Wall at KLK & SML and on Plasma TV at UMB, CDG, SIR, DUI, RPJ, SIR, SRE &BTI Railway stations.

1.2.In connection with flagging off of Train between Ambikapur&HazratNizamuddin by Hon’ble Minister for Railway on Dt. 14.07.2022. VC Equipments like Video Camera along with two codec on tripod, UPS, Switches for fiber connectivity, 55 & 43 Inch LED Display, PA System and Railnet facilities of bandwidth 100 MBPS on 14.07.2022 in c/w Hon’ble MR visit were successfully provided at ORH/Saharanpur in close coordination with RCIL.


1.3.VC Equipment, Video Camera along with two codec on tripod, UPS, Switches for fiber connectivity and Railnet facilities at Sunam Udham Singh Wala Railway station and PA system at Kalka Railway Station on Dt. 23.7.2022 were successfully provided in connection with celebrations regarding Iconic week of “AzadikaAmritMahotsav&Azadi Ki Rail GadiAur Stations - Celebration Week (18thto 23rd July, 2022)”on Dt.23.7.2022 in close coordination with RCIL.

1.4.Audio Clips regarding YOGA Day celebrations & ensuring security of Railway Property has been uploaded in Database of IPIS/Auto announcement system& played at 22Railway stations over UMB Division.


1.5.Video Clips related to Azadika Amrit Mahotsav Celebrations have been played successfully on Video Wall at KLK & SML and on Plasma TV at UMB, CDG, SIR, DUI, RPJ, SIR, SRE &BTI Railway stations.


1.6.Video Clips related to Partition Horror Remembrance Day &HarGharTiranga and videos in IRCDMAhave been played successfully on Video Wall at KLK & SML and on Plasma TV at UMB, CDG, SIR, DUI, RPJ, SIR, SRE &BTI Railway stations.


1.7.In c/w Flagging off for newly introduced “Vande Bharat Express Train between Amb Andaura-New Delhi” by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on Dt.13.10.2022 at Una Himachal Railway station Internet connectivity with 100 MBPS bandwidth from M/S.RCIL and broadband connection of 100 MBPS Bandwidth hired from BSNL for its protection were provided to Door Darshan India for Live Telecast of the event at Una Himachal Railway station. Also announcement system was provided by Division for making announcements related to Flagging OFF Ceremony.

1.8.In connection with Unique Diwali Celebration by handing over Appointment letters to 75000 young people for jobs in various ministries and Government Deptt. virtually by Hon’ble Prime Minister a function was held on Dt.22.3.2022 in Railway Auditorium, Rail Vihar Ambala Cantt which was chaired by Hon’ble Minister of State for Labour and Employment. VC Equipment with all accessories and its standby arrangement i.e. Video Camera, codec, UPS, Switches for fiber connectivity and Railnet connection with 45 MBPS bandwidth via minimum two Geographically separate routes to ensure reliable and uninterrupted connectivity were provided for testing the VC arrangements on Dt.21.10.2022 and Live display on 22.10.2022. Also 40 MBPS Internet connection hired from BSNL was provided for protection of above arrangement of M/S.RCIL.


Large LED Video Wall along with one 55” LED Display and PA system were provided at venue so as to make the Live view of Addressing by Hon’ble PM convenient for the Candidates participating in the event and their Guardian/Parents and other Dignitories.

B. Achievements

1.1.Shifting of Telecom circuits in connection with Electronic Interlocking:- All Telecom circuit equipments like WSE, CNL Phone, 25 Watt VHF Sets, BSNL phone, PA system,Block circuit, UTS circuit & L-Xing gates at Gidderbaha, Panjkosi, Hindumalkote, Fatuhi, Bathinda Cantt. Mandigobindgarh & Khanna and Hotline on OFC at,Mandigobindgarh & Khanna have been shifted from Old Station Building to new Station Building along with associated wiring,termination & power supply in c/w work of EI.


1.2.Shifting ofTelecom Cables in c/w LHS/ROB/Doubling work.


·Shifting of 6 Quad cable was done at LC 88-C(NLDM-UHL), 168-C(DOA-SNL), L-XING 146-C in SIR-GVG with one EC socket in c/w construction of LHS/ROB by laying 315 Mtrs. Cable and providing 5 Nos. Joints.Also Route diversion OFC has been done at L-XING 146-C in SIR-GVG Block section by laying OFC(160 Mtrs.) 02 Nos.Joint enclosures in close coordination with M/S.RCIL.


·Shifting of 6 QUAD cable in c/w doubling work L-Xing No.C-132 at Km.160/6-7 in BCU-BTIC ,NBA-CTW & PUL-LHMBlock sections has been done by laying 1.6 Kms. Quad cable & providing 6 Nos. RTSF jointing kit in close coordination with RVNL.


·Shifting of communication facilities at LC gate 28-Cin PTA-DBN Block section has been done by providing 02 no. Magneto telephones and 6I cell and laying 10 Mtrs.cable and associated wiring in new Gate Goomty due to doubling of track. Also 01 No. Earth electrode provided for cable earth.



1.3.Shifting of Block circuits & others on Quad cable:-Shifting of Block circuit has been done in 2 Block sections from BSNL maintained overheadalignment to in KDZ-KANO & BOF-KMTIand 3 Block sections from 4 Quad to newly laid 6 Quad cable in KES-DOKY, RPAR-RTP & CDG-CNDM & EC Circuit, L-Xing gate communication


1.4.UTS circuits:-UTS circuit between BTI-SEQ, AHH-KUP, SAG-SFMU, DOC-PTA, NBA-CTW, CDG-MRND, UBC -KNN & NLDM-UMB (34 Block sections) has been transferred from 64 KBPS to 2 MBPS Data rate by providing (34Pairs) 2 MBPS Modems and 2 MBPS channel along with associated wiring on Rly.OFC. Also one Channel hired from BSNL in TPA-PUL has been surrendered.


UTS circuit has been shifted from VSAT to Railway media at BTIC Railway station therebysaving recurring expenditure towards Annual rent of VSAT


1.5.Datalogger Connectivity:-Datalogger connectivity has been provided at L-Xing 167-C in DOA-SNL section by laying 40 Mtrs. 10 pair PIJF cable from gate goomty to RTU Room. To monitor Charger ON/OFF condition of 48V/25A charger of OFC Eqpt. Datalogger connectivity has been provided at SNL. Networking of Datalogger has been provided at GDB, MOT & PKK Railway stations by hiring 64 KBPS channel from BSNL.


1.6.Station to Station Hotline Station to Station Hot line by providing electronic push button magneto telephone on Quad cable has been provided in BTI-KZW, BTIC-BTI & one channel of 64 KBPS on OFC in RPJ-KLI & KLI-DOC, JNCV-KARR(UFSBI) Block sections.


1.7.Provision of EC Socket in BTI-SGNR Section:- 89 Nos. EC Sockets have been provided on already laid 6 Quad cable in BTI-HMK Section by utilizing Departmental resources of Division.

2.Power Supply:

2.1.Replacement of batteries of various capacities:Batteries being utilized for various Telecom applications have been replaced over UMB Division i.e. 48V/120AH(39 Sets), 48 V/300 AH(4 sets), 12V/26AH(32 Sets), 12V/18AH(3Sets), 12V/60AH/65 AH(17 sets), 12V/7AH(3 Nos.),Walkie-Talkie(800 Nos.) & 12V/120AH (01 Nos.).


2.2.Replacement of Battery charges:- 48V/25A battery chargers (6 Nos.)have been provided at OFC Hut YJUD, KJGY KMNN, JNCV, GILL & MET Railway stations replacing outlived battery charger



3.1.Insulationimprovement:- Insulation of Quad cable has been improved by opening 146 Nos. cable joints at various locations in 40 Block sections and replacing 6.05 Kms. defective cable.


3.2.Earthing Improvement:- Earthing (106 Nos.) for continuity of armour and sheath of 6 Quad cable , OFC Equipments at station, Station equipments, L-Xing gates, Location Boxes for SSDAC, Axle counter has been done in 33 Block sections over UMB Division.


3.3.Media Change over:- Automatic media changeover from Quad to OFC & vice versa has been installed between BTI-BTIC & KMNN-SMRL for UFSBI & HASSDAC. Manual media changeover has been provided for Axle Counter working on OFC 6 Quad cable in BTIC/BCU & BCU-LHM Block sections.


3.4.Protection of various circuits:- Protection for SIR-DLPC section SCADA has been provided by hiring one E-1 from BSNL between UMB (E1 03)-DLPC (E1 03) & MUX1 in UMB-DLPC. Also Data Logger LLKN-UMB back up route connectivity for protection has been provided through OFC channel at LLKN end.


3.5.Protection of Datalogger circuit:- Protection for 64 KBPS Channel for Data logger backup between UMB-RPJ and UMB-SIR sections has been provided to separate the Datalogger connectivity in these sections to achieve improve the Data speed of datalogger.


3.6.Replacement of defective D-8 Wire : 1800 Mtrs. Defective D-8 Cable has been replaced in Barog-Solan & Solan-Salogra Block sections for improving the reliability of Block circuit in 4 Block sections during current year.


3.7.Repairing of Trough on Bridges:-Repairing of MS Trough provided for OFC & Quad cablehas been done at Bridge No.243 in NLDM-UHL , Bridge No.179 in ANSB-NLDM, B.No.139 in NMDA-KMNN section, B.No.153 & 154 in BARJ-KART(40 nos. missing clamps provided) & B.No.242 in SSW-KNZ Block section.


3.8.Painting work:- Painting of GI Pipes/Troughs provided on Markanda Bridge in TDW-RAA & Bridge no 245 km 202/18-46 in SSW-KNZ Block sections and UMB-KLK section,EC sockets in SRE-UMB (96 nos.), UMB-KLK(75Nos.)& CHA-DOA (12 Nos.) Block sections and all Telecom equipments, DPs etc. has been done in SRE-UMB-KLK Section.


3.9.Replacement of 25 Watt VHF set at stations:-Provision of 25W VHF set has been made at BARJ Railway station by replacing defective & outlived VHF set.


4.Extra ordinary results in Passenger Amenities:

4.1.Voice Recording and Modification in Database for new trains :Voice Recording & Modification in database of IPIS for auto announcement, Train Indication Boards, has been done for Train No.14674, 14650, 14507/08, 14711/12, 14887/88, 14645/46, 14662/61, 04524, 04690, 14795/14796,22447/22448 & 19411/19412 at UBC, KLK, CDG, UHL,NLDM.ANSB and RPAR Railway Stations for convenience of travelling public.

4.2.PA system, Display Board, PF Clocks wiring PA system wiring & PF Clock has been shifted on newly constructed FOB between PF1 & 2 by laying 300 Mtrs. PVC Screened cable & 300 Mtrs. Data cable at Dhuri Railway station for convenience of traveling public.

4.3.PA system wiring has been transferred on newly laid underground cable on PF1, 2 & 3 at Sirhind Railway station. 1.0 Km. PVC Screened copper conductor cable (PAE Cable) has been provided at GDB & ABS Railway stations replacing old and worn out cable.


4.4.UTS /PRS connectivity in Booking office:- In c/w construction of new booking office at Rajpura Railway Station wiring for 5 Nos. UTS/PRS Counters & PA system has been done by laying 150 Mtrs. CAT 6 cable & PVC casing caping.


4.5.12 Nos. CGDB removed in c/w construction of new FOB by DFCCIL has been made functional byerecting 04 Nos.CGDB Posts along with RCC foundation on PF No.2 & 3 by making 60 Mtrs.trench &laying power cable, data cable, 2 core screened cable.


5.Economy Measures:

Scrap Deposited in Store Depot:1258 Kg Non Ferrous scrap, 275 Kg.Ferrous scrap, 1 Kg Copper & 5 Kg. Aluminium scrap has been deposited at Dy.CMM/JUDW/Depot.

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