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Carriage & Wagon Workshop, Kalka


Kalka Workshop is situated on the foothills of SHIVALIK Range of Himalayas. This workshop was established in the year 1903 as an auxiliary unit of MOGHULPURA Workshop of North Western Railway (Presently in Pakistan). Initially the main activity in this workshop was to give light repairs to Narrow Gauge Carriage & Wagon Rolling stock running over Kalka-Shimla Section. After partition, Kalka Workshop became part of the Ex East Punjab Railway in the year 1947. Consequently, the Workshop was expanded to give POH repairs to Narrow Gauge Carriage & Wagon Rolling stock of Kalka-Shimla Section and KANGRA Valley Section.   

Description:    Description:

Kalka Workshop is also manufacturing new NG coaches under Rolling Stock Programme along with the core activity of POH repair of NG coaches, wagons and Rail motor cars.

This workshop also undertakes manufacturing of various types of Cast Iron Brake Blocks for NG stock, BG Diesel and Electric Locos along with other components such as Aluminum Rear covers, Front covers, Bronze-wearing pieces etc. Kalka Workshop also caters to customized requirements of Steam Locos based at REWARI and PATHANKOT including Floating Bushes and other critical components.

Different types of C&W components and Brake gear pins based at Kalka are manufactured in Machine Shop; besides other BG & NG Carriage & Wagon Components against Divisional work orders.

The nodal agency of electric supply is Haryana State Electricity Board. Two Diesel Generator sets of 294 KVA & 500 KVA capacities are also installed as a standby for workshop, Diesel Shed, Railway Station, Railway Hospital and Street Lights in Railway Colony.

Kalka Workshop is headed by AWM/Kalka under overall Administrative Control of Chief Workshop Manager, Jagadhri Workshop.           

In May 2022, Kalka Workshop was awarded  Green Co GOLD rating  after assessment by CII


· Set up in 1903 for light repair of NG Coaches as an auxiliary unit of MOGHULPURA workshop, now in Pakistan.

·After partition in 1947 POH of NG coaches of KSR & KVR Section started.

·Casting of CI brake blocks of BG & NG Coaches & Locos since 1952.

·Construction of new NG coaches in Nov.1997.

·Construction of NILGIRI Coaches for DHR of Darjeeling in 2000

·Construction of Tourist Car CT-12 & 13 in 2004.

·New Construction of RA-200 in 2013 & CT-14 (Jharokha-1) Tourist Coach in 2013.

·Mid Life rehabilitation of NCR Coaches in 2014.

·IMS Certification (ISO-9001:2015, ISO-14001-2015 & OHSAS 18001:2007 in Sep-2015 & got revised OHSAS 45001:2018 in 2020. IMS recertification in Sep-2018 & Sep-2021 valid up to Sep-23.

·Energy Management System ISO-50001–2011 certification in July-2017 & Recertification made in Dec–2020 with ISO-50001:2018 valid up to Dec-2023 by M/s Intercert, NOIDA.

·5-S Certification in Oct-2017& Recertification in Dec-20 valid up to Dec-2023.

·ISO 3834-2 certification in Dec-2017& Recertification in Dec-2020 valid up to Dec-23.

·New construction of 06 NG coaches of GWL-SOE-GWL section of NCR in 2017-18.

·10 NG Wagons of KSR Section modified with fitment of 02 Vertical Vacuum Cylinder by strengthening under frame and Brake Gear leverage ratio to carry ballast over KLK-SML section.

·Refurbishment of Rail Motor Car No.4 of KSR Section in Jan-2019

·Roof top solar system of 300 KWP installed in Nov-2018.

·Modification of 07 coaches (Vacuum Brake)) of KSR for increased speed in Dec-2019.

·Refurbishment of 99-FCZ/KSR in to Open Restaurant Coach in Feb-2019

·Upgraded 163 NG Coaches of KVR-00 & KSR-163.

·Conversion of 19 NG Coaches (KSR=15, KVR=04) into Vista Dome Coaches.

·New construction of 14 coaches of KVR under RSP June-20.

·New Construction of 07 NG Coaches of GWL/NCR against green work order.

·New Construction of Jharokha-2 Tourist Coach with provision of Bio digestive tank in March-21

·Retro fitment of the full rake of 07 coaches with Air Brake System & Conventional bogies was done in March-21 & successful EBD testing was done by RDSO/LKO.

·Modified Conventional Bogies of 08 NG Coaches in to High Speed bogies with Air Brake System in Aug-21. Trial of High Speed–Air Brake coaches is yet to be done by RDSO.

·Fitment & approval of Environment Friendly Bio Digestive tanks in NG Coaches .

                                Major Activities

· POH of Narrow Gauge Coaching Stock of Kalka Shimla & KANGRA Valley Sections.

·POH of Rail Motor Cars of Kalka- Shimla section

·New Manufacture & Midlife Rehabilitation of NG coaches.

·Aluminium Casting (Front and Rear Covers of ICF Coach Axle Boxes).

·Cast Iron Brake Blocks for various NG Rolling Stock and Broad gauge Electric Locomotives.

·Manufacturing of C&W components for BG & NG Rolling Stock and Diesel Components of NG Locomotives for KSR and KVR Sections.

·Manufacturing of vital/critical components of rolling stock for JUDW, other workshops and Division.

·Sustaining heritage values of workshop 

·Up-gradation of Narrow Gauge Coaches of KVR & KSR

·Conversion of NG Coaches into Vista Dome Coaches

·Manufacturing of High Speed Bogie for new NG Coaches at RCF.

·Manufacturing of NG Wagons.

·Conversion of GS coaches in GSR.

·Conversion of NG Coaches into RA for KVR Section.