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 W-34/3/XI/2015 06/02/2017 Alphabetically updated list of firms with whom Railway Board issued orders for banning of business.
 74-W/24/Pt.IX/WA 18/05/2015 Standard Tender Document for use of Division/EDUs (Letter only)
 74-W/24/Pt.IX/WA 18/05/2015  Standard Tender Document for use of Division/EDUs (Word File)
 74-W/24/Pt.IX/WA 18/05/2015Standard Tender Document for use of Division/EDUs  (PDF)
 167-W/25/PCE/2/2015 31/03/2015 Information Brief during Trailling Window Inspection.
 219-E/W/58/BWP-MUT/TP 31/03/2015 Excellence in Track Maintenance Practices
NRHQ Plan No. HQ/13/12-2014 14/01/2015 Guidance plan for displaying year of construction on all buildings & structures.
NRHQ Plan No. HQ/14/12-2014 14/01/2015  Guidance plan for numbering of drinking water booths & taps on platforms.
NRHQ Plan No. HQ/15/12-2014 14/01/2015  Guidance plan for displaying date of white wash & painting on all buildings & structures. 
NRHQ Plan No. HQ/02/01-2015 14/01/2015  Type plan displaying information on duty bunk of level crossing gate.
219-W/1/Maint/2014-15 24/10/2014 Inspection Schedule
319-W/44/Pt-XV 26/09/2014 Winter Precautions and Cold Weather Patrolling
W-1/6/Pt.VII/Engg 11/09/2014 Duties of Sr.DEN (Co-ord)
229-W/313/PCDO 20/08/2014 Maintenance of Assets: Vacancies and outsourcing thereof.
260-W/969/GAD Progress/Br.(S&D) 01/07/2014 Construction of ROB's/RUB's by NHAI - Clearance/approval by Railways
7-W/0/Consultants/13-14/WA 06/06/2014 Approved consultants over NR for survey construction & maintenance management of Railway siding.
DOE/Uploading/2014 25/04/2014List of type plans of Northern Railway
197-W/0/IX/Land-Pt-VI 07/03/2014 Way Leave Facility draft agreement
196-S/2-3/WS/Quality of Water 21/01/2014SSE(W)/Water Supply for stations with large water supply system
219-W/1/Maint/TP/2013-14 02/01/2014Lubrication of Rail Screws and Plate Screws
63-W/0/Policy/ptX/Court Case/WA 11/12/2013Check Points for Examintion of Bank Guarantee
219-W/1/Maintenance/TP/2013-14 26/12/2013Launching a drive for inspection of Special Layouts
835-W/2/Steel channel sleeper/Pt.II/TP 06/11/2013Correction of alignment and track parameters on Girder Bridges
835-W/1/TP/12-13 01/11/2013Introduction of OFF Track Tampers in tender schedule for track works
219-W/1/maintenance/TP/Pt.II/monsoon 26/08/2013Vulnerable Points/Locations
835-W/Reconditionong of CMS Xing/TP  20/08/2013 Precautions for reconditioning
219-W/1/maintenance/TP/2013-14 19/08/2013Equipments of Keymen
E-97/W/G/Posting Corresp/Vol.IX 11/07/2013  ‘RESUME’ of Officers
219-W/1/maint/TP/Pt.II/Monsoon 02/07/2013Gang Patrolling during abnormal Rain fall or Storm
198-W/e-Gov./TMS/NR-Implmnt 30/09/2013Implementation of Track Management System (TMS)- Stoppage of Paper records/registers
319-W/44/Pt.-XV 18/09/2013Winter Precautions and Cold Weather Patrolling
Issued in 1987 July-1987Draft Manual of Instructions for Railway Affecting Works
219-W/1/maintenance/TP/Pt.II/Monsoon 26/08/2013Vulnerable Points/Location
33-W/O/Genl. Corres./W.Br.Pt-I 16/08/2013Maintenance of Bridge Register for Important, Major, Minor bridges, ROB and Tunnel & Cutting registers
1-W/MTS/HQ/Misc/X 25/07/2013Manning of HQ Emergency Control (Engg. Cell) in Baroda House, New Delhi
DOB/Misc./2013 11/07/2013Guidelines for Inspection of PSC and RCC (Rail and Road Bridges) Superstructure
42-W/69/Land 20/06/2013Tree Plantation
Water Quality-Presentation May,June/2013Action Plan for Implementing Water Supply on N.Rly from Sourcing to Treatment, Distribution, and Monitoring of Quality
OS-G/Misc./2013 28/03/2013Colour of ink to be used for notings on files/forms and for sending communication
302/Flood/Preparatory arrangements/201211/09/2012 Identification and planning of improvement of vulnerable locations detected during current of earlier mansoons
HQ/11/10-2012 28/08/2012Type plan of PCC Speed Breaker & Rumble strip blocks at Level Crossings for Heavy & Light Vehicles
1-W/O/Safety Instructions/Pt.III 28/08/2012Compendium on safety instructions
CE/Library/Book Section 09/05/2012Engineering & IPWE (I) Library in N.Rly. HQ Office (with list of books)
198-W/e-Gov./TMS/Misc 18/04/2012Photographs of Heritage Structures made with Rails
198-W/e-Gov./TMS/NR-Implmnt 13/04/2012Track Management System Implementation-List of various officials
219-W/24/0/TP/Pt-IV 04/04/2013Prevention of corrosion of Rails 
198-W/e-Gov./TMS/Misc 20/01/2012Heritage Structure made by Rail sections
219-W/1/XII/Circular/Pt.II/Genl. 26/09/2011Schedule of Inspection by Sr. DEN/C on NR
43-W/1487/Works 13/09/2011Damage to the Telecom RE cable by contractor of Engineering Department
103-G/20/Rest house/policy 28/02/2011Revision of charges for occupation of officer's Rest house over N. Rly
 Issued in 2007  Compendium of Instructions on Arbitration
Issued in 2024  Compendium of Circulars on Arbitration Matters

Source : Northern Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed : 28-05-2024  

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