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System Improvements Implemented

System Improvement

Letter No.



System Improvement- Referral clinical investigations case option given by the employee.

CHD/NDBH sent letter no. E/Med/HQ/1/4/2021 dt. 08.02.21 to MD/NRCH and CMSs of all divisions& ACMS/JUDW & JUD as suggested.


System Improvement- Referral clinical investigations case option given by the employee.

PCMD/NDBH sent letter no. E/Med/HQ/V-3/2020dt. 09.04.21 to MD/NRCH and CMSs of all divisions & ACMS/JUDW & JUD to take n/a as suggested.



System Improvement to issue time lines for suitable action for closure of cases when candidates abscond during medical examination at the time of appointment.

Member Secy./ALD sent the letter (compliance) no. RRBA/Vig./Corres./2020 dt. 04.03.20 as suggested.


System Improvement to issue necessary direction to all Rly. Hospitals/ Health Units over NR to seek willingness of the patients or their attendants before referring them for treatment to empanelled hospitals.

Mobile/Contact No. of patient should also be mentioned in referral standard form.

PCMD sent letter no. E/Med/HQ/V-3/2020 dt. 20.03.20 to CMD/NRCH & CMSs of all Divisions JUDW.


System Improvement- Warranty claimed related to the aspect is required to be checked at every WKSH/Dsl. Shed of NR and ensure timely completion of warranty claims including disposal of warranty amount of PU painted rolling stock if any.

Dy. CME/HQ sent the letter no. Confdl./Mech./Vig./Common/208 dt. 22.05.20 to CWE, CRSE/Chg., CRSE/Fr., CME/Plg & EnHM, CME/IT, CME (Dsl & Dis. MGMT) for taking action as suggested.


System improvement for issue of specific instruction related to uniform %age reduction from allowed time for proper and effective estimation of outsource departmental activity over NR Workshops.

Dy. CME/HQ sent the copy of letter no. MW/Misc/Works Contract dt. 13.07.20 addressed to CWM/CB, JUDW, ASR, AMV & AWM/KLK for taking n/a.


System improvement- Monitoring of process of Empanelment of Referral Hospital by the Field units over NR.

PCMD/NDBH sent copy of letter no. E/Med/HQ/V-3/2020 dt. 10.08.2020 addressed to CMDNRCH, MD/NRCH & CMSs of all divisions for System improvement as suggested.


System improvement reg. – Time schedule reimbursement instruction.

PCMD sent letter no. E/Med/HQ/V-3/2020 dt. 27.08.20 to CMD, NRCH, MD/NRCH & CMSs of all divisions for taking action as suggested.



System Improvement in the system of deputing Railway Supervisor during CBT exams.

CSC/RPF/NR sent letter no. 220-E/1-SI/RPF/Rectt-2018 dt. 07.02.19 to Sr. DPOs of all divn.s to depute Rly. Supervisor as per RB;s instructions..


System Improvement regarding OBHS i.e. ensuring the quantity & brand of consumable items during beginning of the trip and also proper justification of balance items.

Dy. CME/Chg/NDLS sent letter no. 802-M/6/17/OBHS/Pt-X/MC-I dt. 27.03.2019 to Sr. DMEs/C&W of all divn.s for strict compliance.


System improvement regarding installation of one more flow metre to be installed at RDI, providing locking arrangement for all storage tanks.

Sr. DME(O&F)/LKO sent reply (compliance) vide no. 85-M/73/RDI/Varanasi dt. 28.11.19 that action is being taken as advised.


System Improvement to sensitize all field units about the sacrosanctity of the contract agreement and strictly adhere to all the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract agreement.

Dy. CME/HQ sent letter no. Confdl./Mech./Vig./Common/208 dt. 06.01.20 to all CWMs, Sr. DMEs, Sr. DEEs for taking action as advised.



System Improvement to minimize the breakdown time - There should be provision of geometric progression in penalty instead of flat penalty system.

CWM/JUDW vide letter no. 6-E/2019 dated 20.02.19 intimated that utmost care will be taken while verification of invoice/Bills in future also.


System improvement for substantial savings as well as improvement in quality of washed linen by taking care of entire work of UMB divn. at asingle laundryat CDG.

Compliance sent by SR.DME/C&W/UMB vide letter no. Sr. DME/C&W/Confd/UMB dated 21/01/19.


An inter divisional check/audit of RCDs may be conducted so that discrepancies in regard to proper accountal of fuel may be avoided

Dy. CME/O&F sent the letter (compliance) no. FA(OPTG)/Misc/Genl./Pt.III dt. 21.01.2019.


At the time of holding of exam, status of candidate in respect of disability should be mentioned on call letter of the candidate so that invigilator has clarity

About the requirement of scribe.

Chairman/RRB/JAT sent the letter no. PPB/JS/Exam/2019 dt. 27.03.19 to RB to issue instructions to meet the requirements of system improvement.



System Improvement- system of various cash imprests to avoid any kind of irregularity.

Sr. DME/O&F sent reply (compliance) vide letter no. ML-4/Vig./MB/2019 dt.10.05.19 that action has been taken.


System Improvement- Coach attendants to be in uniform in trains, the system of declaring private cash while start of return journey, Medical examination of attendants on the pattern of catering staff.

Dy. CME/Chg sent letter no. 802-M/6//17/Linen/Pt.III/MC-1 dt. 25.04.2017 to Sr. DME/C&W of all divisions.


System Improvement- condemnation of bed sheets. Uniform procedure needs to be adopted by all divisions on NR to avoid any kind of irregularity.

Dy. CME/Chg sent the letter no. 802-M/6//17/Linen/Pt.III/MC-I dt. 25.04.2017 to Sr. DMEs of all divisions


System Improvement- Warranty/Guarantee clauses should be mentioned separately, data base should be maintained by every ROH/C&W, also to invoke warranty claims in various units.

CME/Plg/NDLS sent the letter no. 140-M/Misc/M&P/Plg/Pt-V dt. 17.05.17 to all CWMs, all Sr. DME/C&W of all divisions, all Sr. DME/O&F of all divisions, Dy. CME/DEMU-JUC & BDGM and AWM/KLKW, AME/KLK-PTK.


System Improvement- Contracting authorities to design stringent conditions in their contracts, especially related to penalty provisions. Also to depute someone to supervise such contracts.

CRSE/Chg sent letter no. 802-M/6/41/SW/MC-I dt. 04.08.2017 to DRMs of all divisions.


System Improvement-Punching system may be replaced with Bio-metric attendance system of workshop.

CWM/JUDW sent letter no. CWM/Inst/JUDW/2017 31.08.17 to all SSEs incharges of shops/JUDW


System Improvement- To emulate the practice of pasting the photographs of vendors on Health Unit Record & to attest the same on Vendor’s medical certificate issued by Sr. DMO.

CHD sent letter no. E/Med/HQ/V-3/2017dt. 15.09.17 to CMSs of all divisions to emulate the practice by other medical units as mentioned in system improvement suggested.


System Improvement –On the process of medicine procurement

PCMD sent the compliance vide letter no. E-Med/HQ/System Improvement/NS items/2017 dt. 15.12.2017 that a committee of Three doctors has been constituted.


System Improvement- Corrective action for Two lobbies running at Ludhiana (LDH)

Sr. DME(O&F) sent letter(compliance) no. Mech.(O&F)/Vig./Conf 2018 dt. 10.01.2018 to Dy. CME/M/NDBH



System Improvement for improvement in the procedure for making hassle free medical facilities for Railway employees.

CHD sent the letter no. E/Med/HQ/1/4/2016 dt. 25.02.16 to MD/NRCH & CMSs of all divisions & WKSH.


System Improvement-the successful lab reports be issued to contractor staff on daily basis.

CWM/JUDW sent the compliance vide letter no. 7-E/2016 dt. 04.04.16.


System Improvement-To follow the conditions of PO of receiving the drug with drug analysis report

CHD sent the letter no. E/Med//HQ/V-3/2016 dt. 18.04.16. to MD/NRCH, CMSs of all divisions & JUDW


System Improvement-Reiterate the instructions of PS 11077/95

Sr. DME/O&F/UMB informed vide letter no. Sr. DME/O&F/UMB/Confdl/16 dt. 21.09.16 that all dealing hands have been instructed to follow instructions.


System Improvement- Execution of contract related to house-keeping, cleaning, waste management & loco cleaning/washing.

Dy. CME(Chg)/NDLS sent the letter no. 802-M/6/41/Tender genl/Pt.1/MC-1 dt. 05.07.16 to Sr. DME/C&W of all divisions & also Sr. DME/Chg/DLI.


System improvement regarding repair of surface Wheel lathe at Wagon Care Centre. (Suggested by RB).

Dy. CME/Fr. vide letter no. 802-M/92/3/Wheel lathe/MC-II dt.30.01.17 informed that all divisions have been advised for same


System Improvement to produce or verify the declaration to claim the conveyance allowance by Railway Medical Officers.

CMD issued letter no. E/Med/HQ/V-3/2016 dt. 29.11.16 to MD/NRCH and CMS/JUDW.


System Improvement in the system of Boimetrics/BIOIRIS system of making attendance.

Dy. CME/P vide letter no. 197-S/Bio-Mertic/2018/JUDW dt.30.05.18 intimated that Biomertic machines have already been sent to CMM/NR & also other relevant tasks.


Source : Northern Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed : 04-07-2021  

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